Why do I have a musty smell in my nose?

A more common reason for a musty smell in the nose is a sinus infection. Drinking lots of fluids and using a saline nasal spray is helpful. You may also benefit by sleeping with your head slightly elevated and using a humidifier or a vaporizer to moisten your nasal cavity. Likewise, what are phantom smells … Read more

Does Lands End have a lifetime warranty?

Lands’ Ends Lifetime Warranty Refunds and Exchanges Refund requests received within 90 days of purchase will be issued to the original form of payment when available. Refunds processed beyond 90 days, along with those lacking proof of purchase from Lands‘ End, will be issued via Lands‘ End Merchandise Credit. Likewise, can I return Lands End … Read more

How does Vaseline remove scratches from CDS?

Instructables highlights a simple tip for making CDs and DVDs with scratches readable again. Simply take a cotton ball and dip it in some alcohol to clean the area near the scratch. Then apply Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly to the disc. The Vaseline will fill in the scratch, hopefully making it readable again. Chapstick, toothpaste, … Read more

Can I look up my CVS card number?

Your ExtraCare number is a unique number tied to your ExtraCare membership; phone numbers are not unique across all cards. If you no longer have your card, you can call 1-800-SHOP CVS and request a replacement. If you need your full ExtraCare number, look on the back of your card or call ExtraCare Customer Service … Read more

What is firm infrastructure in value chain?

Firm infrastructure consists of a number of activities including general (strategic) management, planning, finance, accounting, legal, government affairs and quality management. Infrastructure usually supports the entire value chain, and not individual activities. Human resource management includes the activities involved in hiring and retaining the proper employees to help design, build and market the product. Firm … Read more

What is N and K in Anova?

Within Group Variation Df2 in ANOVA is the total number of observations in all cells – degrees of freedoms lost because the cell means are set. Two Group ANOVA df2 = n – k. The “k” in that formula is the number of cell means or groups/conditions. For example, let’s say you had 200 observations … Read more

What is the spread effect?

The spread effect is the effect that a change in the spread between rates on RSAs and RSLs has on net interest income as interest rates change. The spread effect is such that, regardless of the direction of the change in interest rates, a positive relation exists between changes in the spread and changes in … Read more

How many sides do 2d shapes have?

2d figures have only one face and only one ‘area’. 2d figures have only one face and only one ‘area’. Additionally, what is 2d shapes and their properties? 2 D Shapes Properties 2 D Shapes Properties of 2 D Shapes Square Four equal sides Four equal angles(90°) Rectangle 2 sets of 2 equal sides Four … Read more