Can you exchange Craftsman tools at Home Depot?

If the Craftsman hand tool has no exact Husky brand replacement, Home Depot will try to find a similar item from the available Husky brand inventory. One tool item exchange per store visit. This offer is for new, used, working, broken, missing parts, Craftsman brand hand tools/sets.

In the past, Home Depot had a program offering consumers an exchange of their broken Sears Craftsman or other brand of hand tool for a comparable Husky tool at no charge. This program has since been discontinued.

Similarly, how do I replace my Craftsman tools? How to Get a Craftsman Ratchet Replaced Under Warranty

  1. Use the store locator on the Sears website to locate your nearest Sears store.
  2. Take your Craftsman ratchet and receipt or other proof of purchase to your nearest Sears store.
  3. Tell a Sears associate that you are returning your Craftsman ratchet and need a repair or replacement under the lifetime warranty coverage.

Accordingly, can you exchange Craftsman tools at Ace Hardware?

Return damaged product to a stocking Retail Partner or call 1-888-331-4569 for details. No proof of purchase required. This covers all Craftsman tools that were covered by the lifetime warranty regardless of manufacturer or where they were purchased. It will now cover tools bought at Ace and a receipt is needed.

Can you exchange broken Craftsman tools at Lowes?

Craftsman Hand Tools Warranty Information Update. As you are probably already aware of, Stanley Black & Decker now owns the Craftsman tool brand, and are selling them through Lowes. For a replacement, you didn’t even need to bring your receipt, they replaced it on the spot with an identical or equivalent tool.

Does Home Depot have craftsman?

Craftsman – Trimmers – Outdoor Power Equipment – The Home Depot.

Who warranties Craftsman tools now?

The lifetime warranty only applies to hand tools and not to things that are meant to wear out, like saw blades. The troubled Sears Holdings sold the Craftsman line Thursday to Connecticut-based Stanley Black & Decker for $775 million. Under the agreement, the tools will still be sold at Sears and Kmart locations.

Who owns Craftsman tools now?

Stanley Black & Decker

Do Craftsman tools still have lifetime warranty?

Warranty. Most Craftsman hand tools are advertised as having an unlimited lifetime warranty. If for any reason your Craftsman hand tool ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, return it to any Sears store or other Craftsman outlet in the United States for free repair or replacement.

Is Lowes honoring Craftsman warranty?

CRAFTSMAN is known for its competitive warranties which will also be honored at Lowe’s, providing customers a guarantee promise. If customers have questions about the warranty, they are encouraged to call CRAFTSMAN’s Customer Care Hotline at 888-331-4569.

Are Craftsman tools made in China?

The majority of Craftsman tools are not produced in the United States. They use many third party manufacturers to make their various products. Beginning in 2010, many of Craftsman’s hand tools (manufactured by Apex Tool Group) began to be assembled in China in Taiwan.

Who makes Kobalt?

Lowe’s and manufacturing partner J.H. Williams launched Kobalt in 1998, with the intention of competing against rival retailers Sears and The Home Depot and their respective Craftsman and Husky tool brands. In 2003, the Danaher Corporation began producing the majority of Kobalt hand tools.

Where are Kobalt Tools made?

Kobalt is currently made by JS Tools out of Las Vegas, NV, but they outsource the tools from Taiwan and China. JS Tools also sells under the brand name “Steelman.”

Can you return Craftsman tools Lowes?

We can only exchange products you bought at Lowe’s. No. As far as Craftsman goes, some items don’t require a receipt and can be exchange “no hassle” for the same item.

Does Ace Hardware honor the Craftsman lifetime warranty?

Ace hardware also now carry Craftsman brand, but do not truly honor the lifetime Craftsman warranty.

Where can I buy Craftsman tools?

Beginning May 14, you’ll be able to buy some Craftsman tools at Lowe’s, in addition to existing outlets Sears and Kmart. Lowe’s is stocking its shelves with wrenches, hand tools, and tool storage systems in advance of Father’s Day, on June 17.

What brand of tools does Ace Hardware sell?

About Tools At Ace, you’ll find a wide selection of tools from name brands you trust including Craftsman, DeWalt and Stanley. Just remember to operate all tools according to their specifications and be sure to wear the necessary safety equipment.

What company bought out Craftsman tools?

When Stanley Black & Decker bought the Craftsman brand from Sears Holdings Corp. last year, the deal — valued at $900 million — let both companies continue making and selling products under the Craftsman label.

Does Ace Hardware sell garage door openers?

Garage Door Openers and Operators at Ace Hardware.