How do I access my Grcc email?

Your login will be [email protected] You must enter the after your username. GRCC does not provide POP, IMAP or Exchange services for student email. There is no method to get student email other than to log into


  1. First, locate the network by clicking on the Network Connection icon.
  2. Choose the GRCC Wireless or GRCC Secure network.
  3. Click on Connect to connect to wireless.
  4. GRCC Secure will prompt you to enter your credentials within a system window, while GRCC Wireless may open a browser window.

Secondly, what time does the Grcc bookstore open? Thursday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Consequently, how do I apply to Grcc?

In the Enrollment Center you can:

  1. Apply for admission to GRCC.
  2. Turn in a transcript.
  3. Create an Online Center login.
  4. Take the ALEKS PPL, Accuplacer or LOEP assessment tests.
  5. Browse online course catalog and enroll in classes.
  6. Learn how to use GRCC technology.
  7. Get a RaiderCard.
  8. Utilize wireless access.

How do I drop a class at Grcc?

Classes are officially dropped through the Online Center or by visiting the Enrollment Center. If you unofficially withdraw or stop attending classes, the withdrawal date will be the last date of attendance as officially reported by your instructor(s).

Does Grcc have dorms?

Housing. Grand Rapids Community College is a commuter school. We do not offer on-campus housing, but we do post listings for non-affiliated renters in the area.

When can you sign up for summer classes at Grcc?

Summer Semester, 2020 must be submitted at noon on the third workday after the last day of class.)