How do I become an authorized representative for CRA?

First, you will need to validate your identity and create a CRA user ID and password or login with a Sign-in Partner. Second, you will need to register with the service and get a representative identifier (RepID). Go to the Represent a Client Web page to get started.

RepID – This is a seven-character alphanumeric code provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) when you register as a representative with this service. We will ask you to enter your BN when you register your tax, payroll, or accounting business with this service.

how do I remove a representative from CRA? You can cancel your representative(s) using My Account at, by calling 1-800-959-8281, or by completing parts 1, 4, and 5 of this form. An authorization stays in effect until you cancel it, it reaches the expiry date you choose, or we are notified of your death.

Hereof, what is Level 2 authorization with CRA?

There are two levels of authorization. Level 1 allows CRA to disclose information only, and Level 2 allows CRA to disclose information and accept changes from the representative.

How do I submit rc59?

Form RC59 will no longer be used to authorize online access.

  1. Log into Represent a Client.
  2. From the Welcome page, select “Review and update.”
  3. Select “Authorization request” at the bottom of the “Manage clients” tab and follow the instructions.
  4. Print the signature page for your client to sign.

How do I set up a Revenue Canada account?

My Account for Individuals Enter your social insurance number. Enter your date of birth. Enter your current postal code or ZIP code. Enter an amount you entered on one of your income tax and benefit returns. Have a copy of your returns handy. Create a CRA user ID and password. Create your security questions and answers.

How do I find my RepID?

You can view your RepID online by: logging in with your CRA user ID and password; selecting “Review and update”; and. selecting “View and update my registration information.”

How do you represent a client CRA?

How do I register for Represent a Client? Go to Represent a Client. Create a CRA user ID and password or login with a Sign-in Partner. Register your business (using your Business Number (BN)), yourself with this service and receive a representative identifier (RepID) or a group and receive a group identifier (GroupID).

How do I change my CRA password?

After logging into your CRA My Account, click on the link titled Change CRA Password. You will be directed to a page where you need to enter both your current password and a new password in the boxes provided. Follow the password checklist required for developing a secure new password.

How do I become a tax rep?

Tax advisors commonly hold at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting, taxation, or a related field of study. A bachelor’s degree in accounting, for example, might include coursework in business taxation, fraud examination, non-profit accounting, and federal taxation.

What is Represent a client?

Represent a Client is the service that provides representatives with secure and controlled online access to tax information on behalf of individuals and businesses, including your employer.

What can an authorized representative do?

Authorized Representative. Someone who you choose to act on your behalf with the Marketplace, like a family member or other trusted person. Some authorized representatives may have legal authority to act on your behalf.

What is a t1013?

A T1013 form is an authorization form that allows someone to access, and make changes to your CRA Account (Social Insurance Number).

How do I submit power of attorney to CRA?

Go to the CRA Web site for tax centre addresses. We will process the Form T1013 after we update the Power of Attorney or legal guardian on the taxpayer’s account. Do not send the signed and dated paper copy of the Form T1013 to the CRA. Retain the T1013 in your records for six years.

Can I call CRA on behalf of my spouse?

If you want someone such as your spouse or common-law partner, a family member, a friend, or an accountant to deal with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on your behalf for your income taxes, you or your legal representative must authorize this person to be your representative.

What is rc59?

Use this form to give a representative access to your business number program accounts only by telephone and mail. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) needs your permission to deal with a representative. There are two kinds of representatives: an individual or a firm.

Where do I send my business consent form?

Send this completed form to your tax centre. You can also give or cancel consent by providing the requested information online through My Business Account at

Who can sign rc59?

A Level 3 individual is also referred to as a Delegated Authority – a term that appears in the RC59 instructions section under the heading “Part 5 – Certification.” Only individuals authorized at Level 3 are allowed to sign (certify) RC59 forms.

Can a power of attorney sign your tax return?

Power of Attorney to Sign IRS Tax Returns. Power of attonery allows another person to sign your tax return. Under limited circumstances, you may give another person the authority to sign your tax return by issuing a power of attorney.