How do you get a black sky eye?

Blacksky Eye Description

Brain Fluid is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


  • Drops off the enlarged head at the highest point of the research hall on the uppermost catwalk in the corner across a crow.
  • Drops off the enlarged head on the middle platform that is guarded by a hunter and minigun user in a wheelchair.

Also Know, how do you get the accursed brew? Location. After the Maria boss fight, when you exit the Clocktower and head to the Fishing Hamlet, the first NPC you will encounter will be a ranting villager. If you have the Milkwood Rune equipped, talking to him will prompt a unique dialogue, followed by receiving this Hunter Tool.

Similarly one may ask, how do you get Laurence’s skull?

From the Research Hall lamp, take the elevator/altar back down that’s behind you. Send the elevator back up, but stay on the lower level. Once it goes back up another altar will appear with the Laurence’s Skull item.

Where can I get a call beyond?

Location. Lumenflower Gardens in Upper Cathedral Ward – After the Celestial Emissary, smash the window behind the lantern; the item will be on the right, above the Grand Cathedral where Vicar Amelia is.

What are the living failures weak to?

Rapid Poison: Rapid poison is a major weakness of this boss but it works weirdly. So basicly Rapid Poison can’t kill any single Failure but can deal the final blow to the whole boss fight, killing all Failures. If a player doesn’t kill any individual Failure, they can’t enter the second phase and summon meteors.

How do I get Kos parasite?

In order to obtain it, you have to beat the game’s final boss and you’ll get it automatically. There’s also a trick to using the Kos Parasite. If you equip it normally, you won’t be able to see it on your hunter. You have to transform into a Kin before you can use it.

What does the milkweed Rune do?

Milkweed is one of the only two Oath Memory Runes that serve for players to transform their bodies, and change the moveset of a weapon.

How do I get an underground cell key?

Kill the enemies on the floor above, then collect the item to the far left to find four Quicksilver Bullets. Make your way through the doorway at the end of the balcony and attack the enemy that attempts to ambush you from the right. Search the corpse here to find the Underground Cell Key.

Where is the surgery altar?

Location. Underground Corpse Pile, after the Underground Cell. The Surgery Altar itself doubles as the lift that takes players into the ground floor of the Research Hall.

What do I do with Laurence’s skull?

Laurence’s Skull Usage Used to interact with the flaming First Cleric in the Nightmare Cathedral to initiate the boss battle with Laurence, the First Vicar.

How do I fight Laurence?

Follow these steps to fight Laurence, the First Vicar. Up the central stairs of the Hunter’s Nightmare and past the giant axe-wielding executioner, you’ll find the Nightmare Grand Cathedral. The Eye Pendant activates the elevator leading up to the Research Hall, in the large building above Ludwig’s boss chamber.

How many bosses are in bloodborne DLC?

Bosses are unique Enemies in Bloodborne. There are 11 normal Bosses, 6 Great Ones, 21 Chalice Dungeon Bosses, and 5 DLC Bosses.

Where do I use the eye pendant in bloodborne?

The Eye Pendant is sitting on an altar at the back of the Nightmare Grand Cathedral in the Hunter’s Nightmare. It is required to activate the surgery altar in the Recovery Room.

How do you wake up Laurence in bloodborne?

Awaken Laurence, the First Vicar After defeating Ludwig, your next destination is the Healing Church. To get there, simply follow the path that leads you up to some sort of prison where a wheelchair and tallman enemies await. Once they’re dead, further go up and you’ll be in the Healing Church.

How do you beat Laurence the first vicar?

“Fireproof Coward” Strategy First, make sure you buff your fire resistance as high as you can with your clothes. Get to the cathedral and summon Valtr. When the fight starts, Valtr should draw aggro pretty quickly. The goal for the first phase is to wear Laurence down and keep Valtr alive.

How do you get to Laurence the first vicar?

Laurence resides back in the original Nightmare Grand Cathedral, so return to the Research Hall lamp and warp to the Hunter’s Dream. Next, travel to the Hunter’s Nightmare and work your way to the first Grand Cathedral. Once you arrive, eliminate the Church Executioner then head inside.