How do you know if your iphone battery is swollen?

Early signs of a swollen battery include: a hazy white screen, separation between screen and phone body, or “squishiness” of the screen (no visible separation, but your screen moves a bit when you pinch the edges of your phone).

It should be rather obvious if the swelling is out of control. The screen will appear slightly bent and there could be an apparent gap in-between the screen and the body of the device. The swell also can be quite subtle.

what do you do when your Iphone battery is swollen? Take a deep breath, power down your phone, and then put it in a fireproof container and take it to a repair professional. Even batteries that are slightly swollen, like this one, pose a serious fire hazard and need to be removed immediately.

Also Know, is a swollen Iphone battery dangerous?

Of the common signs your battery is failing, a swollen battery is the most urgent and dangerous. Battery swelling happens due to a little thing called outgassing, which occurs when a battery gets overcharged, damaged, or simply old. The battery casing is built to contain that nasty gas—so, inevitably, it bloats up.

How long do iPhone batteries last?

about two years

How long does an iPhone Last?

four years

Is it worth replacing iPhone battery?

Replacing the dead or dying battery in your iPhone or iPod may seem like a good idea, but it may not be worth it. It depends on how old the device is. If your device is still under warranty, yes, definitely replace the battery. With the warranty, the repair should be free or low cost.

How long should iPhone 6 battery last?

In terms of 3D gaming the iPhone 6 managed two hours and thirty five minutes of non-stop action – an hour less than the Galaxy S5 and 6 Plus. In real world testing we found the iPhone 6’s battery lasted 35 hours of low mixed usage (including standby) and 14 hours of heavy usage, with the brightness set to 50%.

Does the iPhone 6 explode?

Apple is investigating an iPhone 6 explosion. Smartphone battery explosions happen from time to time, and the most recent case involves an iPhone 6 unit that exploded in the hands of an 11-year-old girl. The device did not cause any injuries, but did burn through a blanket, and gave a good scare to those involved.

At what percentage should iPhone battery be replaced?


How many iPhones have exploded?

IPHONE users have claimed their handsets have caught fire or exploded. A state-run consumer watchdog in China revealed it had received eight reports of iPhones spontaneously combusting in the last few months, calling on Apple to address the issue.

Is a swollen battery dangerous?

Yes swollen batteries are dangerous as after such incident their retaining capacity gets highly lowered, the problem of high heating occurs due to fault in battery, their chemicals can leak into your internal phone body which can severly damage your phone inner as well as outer components.

Can you fix a swollen battery?

But, it is important to note that you cannot heal a swollen or defective battery; you can only remove it. These hints can only help prevent battery degradation. Batteries do best with slow, controlled charging and discharging, use in moderate temperatures, and protection from shocks or damage.

Can a swollen cell phone battery explode?

More than just a portion of the phone would be burned, as well as other objects in the immediate area. A heat explosion also would cause the battery to swell before the flexible casing would rupture, and with no room for expansion, the swollen battery would crack the outer shell of the phone.

What makes a battery swell?

What causes a swollen battery? The most common cause is an overcharge of the battery, which causes a chemical reaction between the electrodes and the electrolyte, resulting in the release of heat and gases that expand inside the battery, causing the casing to swell or even to split open.

How do I keep my battery from swelling?

What can you do as a consumer to prevent a bloated battery situation? Do not buy cheap batteries, where you are not in a position to assess cell manufacturing quality. Do not buy aftermarket chargers, where protection adequacy is unknown. Do not expose your batteries to high temperature.

Does Apple replace swollen batteries for free?

r/mac. You would only pay for a battery replacement cost still even if it’s swollen. And apple replace anything the battery swelling has damaged for free.