How long is cengage free trial?

MindTap Grace Period and Cengage Unlimited Trial Period. If you are required to pay for MindTap for a class, you will have a grace period of up to 14 days, as well as a 14-day Cengage Unlimited trial period, during which you can use MindTap without purchasing access.

You have free access to Cengage Unlimited during the trial period. Note The Cengage Unlimited trial begins when you enroll in your course at or through your institution’s Learning Management System. No purchase is necessary for the trial.

Secondly, how do I get unlimited cengage? Alternatively, you can log into your account first, click Register another course or Product, then enter your course key or course URL there. Once you’ve registered for your course, you will be given access to enter your Cengage Unlimited access code, or to purchase Cengage Unlimited directly from Cengage.

Similarly, how long do cengage codes last?

Obtaining Access Codes After 14 days, you will need a valid access code or you will be locked out of that course in WebAssign. Most codes are valid for one term.

How do I cancel my cengage unlimited trial?

You may only request a cancellation during the first three days of your subscription. To determine eligibility, log in to your Cengage Student Dashboard and click your name within the Sidebar. Click My Subscriptions to see details regarding your subscription as well as the ability to cancel.

How much does cengage cost?

The new offer, called Cengage Unlimited, will give students access to more than 20,000 Cengage products across 70 disciplines and 675 course areas for $119.99 a semester. For 12 months’ access the price is $179.99, and for two years the price is $239.99.

Why is cengage unlimited free?

Cengage Unlimited gives students TOTAL and ON-DEMAND ACCESS to all the digital learning platforms, ebooks, online homework and study tools Cengage has to offer. Subscriptions also include a free print rental with any activated digital product; students just pay for the cost of shipping.

Is MindTap free?

MindTap Offers Users Free Access to Digital Portfolio Tool. This fall, more than 1 million students using MindTap, an online learning platform from Cengage Learning, will be able to build digital portfolios of their work for free and keep them for life.

Can I return an access code?

Can I return an access code? Unfortunately, you can’t. Once an access code has been purchased it cannot be returned. To be certain, click the “Show Sample Access Code Voucher” and it will display all the terms and conditions set by the publisher of the access code.

Does cengage give refunds?

Request a Refund. You can request a refund within 14 days of the online purchase date. Visit, select Refund and complete the prompts.

Do I have to buy cengage unlimited?

Short answer is no. Individual access codes are not needed if a student has Cengage Unlimited. In this scenario, they will have to contact Cengage support to have their subscription transferred from the registered account to the account they used to access the LMS course.

Is MindTap included in cengage unlimited?

Yes! If you have purchased access to Cengage Unlimited for a semester and the instructor has assigned a digital platform (like MindTap or WebAssign) and the course lasts more than one semester, you will have access to the digital platform for the duration of the course for $119.99.

What is a MindTap access card?

MindTap from Cengage Learning represents a new approach to a highly personalized, online learning platform. A cloud-based learning solution, MindTap combines all of your learning tools – readings, multimedia, activities and assessments into a singular Learning Path that guides you through the curriculum.

Why are access codes so expensive?

The reason why publishers offer the online content that costs anywhere from $60-$150 to buy is because they’re basically trying to outsmart the students. For the publishers, this frugality means that they don’t get as much profit as they would like. So, they created the access code.

Can I buy an access code for a textbook?

Access codes (which can only be used once) have been included with new textbooks as a way for publisher’s to “add value” for those who purchase their textbooks new rather than used. Popular websites such as WebCT and MyMathLab also use student access kits for exclusive access to some of their online content.

Do access codes expire if not used?

But essentially in this case, access code it is not expired. But if it is activated, it cannot be activated again. If your customer opened it, you have no guarantee that it was not activated and thus cannot sell it as a new access code. You cannot check to see whether it was activated without activating it yourself.

Can you use Mymathlab access code twice?

You should not try to redeem your alphanumeric access code more than once. Once you redeem/register your access code and set up your login name and password, the access code is no longer valid. All you need to do is log in with your login name and password you used last semester and ENROLL IN A NEW COURSE.

How do I get a cengage access code?

Access codes come in many formats: Most codes registered on or within your school’s Learning Management System look like this: PP1B2C3D4F5G6H. Regular SAM access codes can be registered at They look like this: IO1-911-1BA-EBC-828-4AF.