How much will it cost to register my car in Maine?

Pay 5.5% Maine sales tax on the purchase price of the vehicle. Pay the appropriate registration fees based on type of plate selected. Vanity plates are available at any BMV branch office on selected plate types for an additional annual fee of $25.00. You may check the availability of a vanity plate online.

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax and Registration Fees First year $24.00 per $1000 of MSRP. Second year $17.50 per $1000 of MSRP. Third year $13.50 per $1000 of MSRP. Fourth year $10.00 per $1000 of MSRP.

Beside above, how long do you have to register a car in Maine? Passenger vehicles are registered annually on a staggered basis. Generally, registrations expire one year from the month issued. The payment of municipal excise (property) taxes is a prerequisite for all motor vehicle registrations. Excise taxes must be paid to your town office prior to registration.

Similarly one may ask, how much is the excise tax in Maine?

Excise Tax is calculated by multiplying the MSRP by the mil rate as shown below. The rates drop back on January 1st each year. For example, a 3 year old car with an MSRP of $19,500 would pay $263.25.

How do I register an out of state vehicle in Maine?

Registering your Vehicle To register your vehicle in Maine, you will need to visit your town government office with your title if your car is 1995 or newer (you don’t need to bring a title if your car’s model year is older than 1995), your out-of-state registration certificate, and your current, dated insurance card.

Can I register my car online in Maine?

Maine’s Online Vehicle Registration Renewal Service Now Available on Mobile Devices. Through Rapid Renewal, citizens are able to renew their vehicle registrations and pay their municipal excise taxes in one quick and simple online transaction, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can you register a car online?

Anyone can register their car, truck, or even recreational vehicle online, provided that their state, county or local registration authority is set up for it. There is also an important distinction between a first time vehicle registration and a registration renewal.

How much do license plates cost in Maine?

A: The fee is $20.00 in addition to the regular registration fee when first purchasing the plates. Each renewal is an additional $15.00. Vanity plates are available with a maximum of five characters. The vanity plate fee is an additional $25.00 above the registration fee.

Do I need proof of insurance to register a car?

Auto insurance – it’s the law! You must show proof that you have insurance coverage before you can register a vehicle or renew your registration. When driving your own vehicle or someone else’s, you must carry the pink insurance card from the insurance company for that particular vehicle.

Do I pay taxes on my car every year?

However, not all vehicle taxes are completely based on the value of the underlying vehicle. Many states also charge a fixed annual registration fee or other charges. It’s important that you deduct only the portion of the tax that’s based on the vehicle’s value (known as the ad valorem tax).

How do I register my vehicle?

In order to register your vehicle, you will typically need to bring the vehicle’s title, a bill of sale and proof of tax payment, your driver’s license, and either your insurance ID card or another form that provides proof of insurance.

What does CR mean on license plate?

Combat-Related License Plates. How do I obtain combat-related license plates? Combat-related license plates are issued in recognition of a customer’s military achievements.

How much is excise tax on a car in Maine?

The law provides that excise tax is calculated using the following method: First year 24.00 mils/$1000.00. Second year 17.50 mils/$1000.00. Third year 13.50 mils/$1000.00.

What excise tax do I pay?

Excise taxes are taxes paid when purchases are made on a specific good, such as gasoline. Excise taxes are often included in the price of the product. There are also excise taxes on activities, such as on wagering or on highway usage by trucks. One of the major components of the excise program is motor fuel.

What is an excise tax on a vehicle?

The state’s Registry of Motor Vehicles determines the value of motor vehicles each year based on the list price and age of the vehicle. We use that information to figure out your excise tax. You are taxed at a rate of $25 per thousand dollars of your car’s value.

Do you pay excise tax every year Maine?

Excise Tax. Excise tax is an annual tax that must be paid prior to registering your vehicle. Except for a few statutory exemptions, all vehicles registered in the State of Maine are subject to the excise tax.

Do all states have excise tax on cars?

Residents of Alabama, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, North Dakota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin pay nothing at all in state vehicle property

What is Maine sales tax on cars?


Do you pay excise tax on a leased vehicle in Maine?

(4) If a motor vehicle is leased for one month or longer, the excise tax must be paid where it would be paid if the lessee were the owner. The rate for “first or current year of model” applies to current-year model motor vehicles, and motor vehicles registered in their first year of availability.