What happens when Lyddie goes to sign the petition?

When Lyddie goes to sign the petition, she learns that it has already failed. She is devastated. They assume, as Amelia says, that they will lose their jobs if they complain or if they sign the petition. Lyddie is upset because she needs the money to pay off her family’s debts.

Lyddie doesn’t sign the petition, because she is afraid of the consequences of that action. By signing the petition, she would publicly be associating with it and those workers. She runs the risk of being fired from her current job and blacklisted from the other mills. Lyddie cannot let that happen.

Also, what are reasons Lyddie should sign the petition? Lyddie should sign the petition because the factory tires her out more easily. Another reason lyddie should sign is because it made her friends become ill. Signing the petition will be the best thing she does in her life.

Beside above, why should Lyddie should not sign the petition?

Lyddie should not sign the petition because she needs to pay her farm’s debt. At this point, Lyddie is working very hard to earn money. She was persistent in her work to be able to pay her debts. Lyddie should not sign the petition because if she does, she’ll get blacklisted.

Why does Lyddie not sign the petition Chapter 13?

Because she has a specific goal in mind that she thinks the long work days will help her achieve, and because she herself has suffered no ill effects from the poor working conditions yet, she refuses to sign the petition.

Should Lyddie sign the petition Prezi?

Lyddie should not sign the petition because she needs the money to pay the debt and she has no where else to go. The other good reason for Lyddie to not sign the petition is she has no where else to go. While Lyddie is working at the factory, she hears that if you get fired, than you will be blacklisted.

Should Lyddie sign the petition that Diana Goss is circulating?

Should Lyddie sign the petition that Diana Goss is circulating? One of the reasons I think Lyddie should sign the petition is she would be able to work in a clean environment. Bedlow demanded her to be moved to the hospital.” (page 112) Finally,Betsy signed the petition so she can work in an cleaner area.

How is Lyddie not free?

Lyddie is not actually a slave, but she sometimes feels like one. Since she has no choice in the matter, Lyddie feels like she is enslaved. Working at Cutler’s Tavern feels like slavery to Lyddie because her mother forced her to leave the farm in order to work off the family’s debts.

Why does Lyddie think she has been cast off like dry husks to wind?

For her part, Lyddie feels that it is wrong for the factory owners “to suck the strength of their youth, then cast them off like dry husks to the wind.” To Lyddie, the factory owners care only about their profit margin. They make their employees toil for long hours in hazardous working conditions.

How old is Lyddie at the end of the book?


How does Lyddie respond to her injury?

Lyddie reacts to her injury in the way she reacts to most things: by thinking about money first. When Lyddie gets hit in the head with the shuttle, she falls to the floor, and Diana rushes to her side. Lyddie says, “The bell ain’t rung yet.” Earlier in this chapter Lyddie has heard Mr.

How does the speed up affect Lyddie Chapter 13?

Lyddie becomes a factory worker after her mother leaves. She does not last long working at a tavern before she gets fired, and she has learned that she can make more money at the factory. No matter how much the machines speed up and how many she is assigned, Lyddie keeps up the pace.

What is the plot of Chapter 13 in Lyddie?

In Chapter 13, Lyddie is becoming more acquainted with being a factory worker. Lyddie is responding to Betsy’s comment that they are all slaves. Lyddie is proud of her work at the textile mill. She writes home that she is working to pay off her family’s debts.

Why doesnt Charlie get a letter from Lyddie?

But Lyddie ignored her and decided to write a letter to Mama instead. She wrote: After finishing her letter to Mama, Lyddie decided she should write a letter to Charlie. However, Lyddie was nervous because she had not spoken to him in so long.

What is the plot of Chapter 16 in Lyddie?

Lyddie Chapter 16. Lyddie needed to go to the bank in order to take out money to give to Mrs. Bedlow for taking care of Rachel and so that she could buy things for Rachel. It almost physically hurt Lyddie to take out so much money from what she had saved, but she knew that it was for Rachel and it was worth it.

What are Betsy and Amelia arguing about?

The other option that she is thinking about is signing the petition. Betsy and Amelia argue over the pros and cons of those ideas, and Lyddie is opposed to both. At this point in the story, Lyddie is working multiple looms and making a fair amount of money. A walk out means that she is out of work and a paycheck.

What is the plot of Chapter 12 in Lyddie?

Chapter 12 is titled “I Will Not Be a Slave.” The chapter begins with Lyddie working on the mill floor. Conditions are terrible, but Lyddie is working above and beyond what other girls are doing. She is doing so well that Mr. Marsden shows her and her work to some visiting foreign dignitaries.

What was Lyddie’s momentous decision in Chapter 11?

In Chapter 11, Lyddie is settling in at the mill. She is more skillful with the looms, but the thing that is really making her happy is that in the evenings, Betsy has been reading to her from Oliver Twist. Lyddie is consumed by the story, and gives Betsy ten cents to help pay for the lending library fee.

How does Diana help Lyddie in Chapter 13?

She is working up to four machines at one time. Lyddie also writes a letter home to her family explaining her successes, hard work, and attempts to pay off all of the family debt. Diana helps care for Lyddie’s injury and even arranges for Lyddie to see a doctor friend of hers. All at no cost to Lyddie.