What is Malvolio’s position?

What is Malvolio’s position? He is Olivia’s steward. What is Sir Toby’s great vice? He is a drunkard. Who does Orsino send to carry his messages to Olivia?

In the play Twelfth Night, Malvolio is the Lady Olivia’s steward and the target of a major prank. Throughout the play, Malvolio’s lines characterize him as a very stern person who hates anything he perceives as silly or frivolous. They explain why his plot arc works and contribute to the humor of the trick.

Also, who does Malvolio Love in Twelfth Night? Later in the play, Maria devises a way to have revenge upon Malvolio, and proposes it to Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Feste. Maria composes a love letter in Olivia’s handwriting, and leaves it so Malvolio will find it. Beforehand, Malvolio had been wishing to marry Olivia.

Hereof, what is Malvolio’s job?

Malvolio is the steward (head servant) to Lady Olivia. He’s a big time hater and criticizes just about everything – Toby’s partying lifestyle, Feste’s licensed fooling, and all other forms of fun.

What happens to Malvolio at the end of Twelfth Night?

In Twelfth Night, a woman named Viola is forced to dress as a man after she is separated from her traveling companions. She begins to work for Duke Orsino, and she quickly falls in love with him. At the same time, the beautiful Olivia has caught Orsino’s eye, as well as the attention of Malvolio, one of her servants.

Does Malvolio’s fate at the end of the play seem fair?

Malvolio’s fate does seem fair, because it was his own insistence on fighting that got him killed. Tybalt had no intention of fighting him, only Romeo and Romeo refused the challenge. Mercutio’s embarrassment for Romeo’s “cowardice” and need to constantly be fighting is what accelerated the fight and it’s why he died.

How is Malvolio arrogant?

In his arrogance, Malvolio overlooks the fact that it would be highly unlikely for a woman of Olivia’s social position to fall in love with a servant. The line also shows his ambition, and desire to rise to a higher station in life. Malvolio is not very self-aware and not good at noticing what is going on around him.

Is Malvolio treated fairly?

The character of Malvolio is treated too cruelly for Twelfth Night to be classed as a comedy. Malvolio is constantly humiliated and has some of the major elements of a tragic character. The revenge served to him is extremist and is not an equal reaction to his behavior.

Why is Malvolio the antagonist?

The “ill-willed” Malvolio, who rains on everybody’s parade, is definitely the villain of our play. He’s haughty and likes to tattle on everybody. He also somehow manages to imprison the sea captain, who is holding Viola’s “maiden weeds” (her dress).

What does Malvolio mean?

The name Malvolio is a boy’s name meaning “ill will”. Coined by Shakespeare for the main antagonist in his comedy Twelfth Night, the unfortunate Malvolio’s name literally means “ill will”.

Who is the protagonist in Twelfth Night?

Viola is the protagonist of the play. She is forced to disguise herself as Cesario and act as a messenger between Duke Orsino and Countess Olivia until her identity is finally revealed. Viola’s disguise is her antagonist.

How is she’s the man like Twelfth Night?

Their basic plot is very similar, as are most of the characters names. There are also small differences, such as Viola becoming Sebastian in She’s The Man, instead of Cesario. Also, in She’s The Man and Twelfth Night, Duke Orsino ends up with Viola, and Sebastian ends up with Olivia. They all get their happy ending.

What does the letter say to Malvolio?

To Sir Toby’s pleasure, Malvolio decides to read it aloud. The letter is addressed to “the unknown beloved” and contains what seems to be a riddle about love (II. v. 92).

What evidence is there that Malvolio is a rude person?

What evidence is there that Malvolio is a rude person? He has a curt and sarcastic manner when he throws the ring down and tells Viola/Cesario to not return unless she has a message.

What is the 12th night?

Twelfth Night (also known as Epiphany Eve) is a festival in some branches of Christianity that takes place on the last night of the Twelve Days of Christmas, marking the coming of the Epiphany.

Is Antonio in love with Sebastian?

Eventually, he’s fished out of the ocean by a sailor, Antonio, who falls in love with him. We don’t see much of Sebastian in the play, but his character is significant in Twelfth Night. That said, Sebastian clearly has a close relationship with Antonio, who may or may not be a lover.

How many lines is Malvolio in Twelfth Night?

Speeches (Lines) for Malvolio in “Twelfth Night” Total: 87 Speeches (Lines) for Malvolio in “Twelfth Night” Total: 87 print/save view OPTIONS: Show cue speeches • Show full speeches # Act, Scene, Line (Click to see in context) Speech text 71 IV,2,2077 Sir Topas, Sir Topas! 72 IV,2,2092 Fool! 73 IV,2,2094 Fool!

WHO said some are born great?

William Shakespeare

Why did Malvolio go after Cesario?

Summary: Act III, scene iv. Olivia, who sent a servant after the departing Cesario to persuade him to return, tries to figure out how to woo him to love her. Feeling suddenly melancholy, Olivia sends for Malvolio because she wants someone solemn and sad to help with her strategy.