What is uc4 tool?

UC4 is a powerful application job scheduling tool that meets the needs of operators, programmers, and system administrators throughout the life cycle of an application.

Digital Business Automation with Automic® Automation You have to manage complex workload across platforms, ERP systems, business apps from mainframe to microservices and the cloud. Automating manual steps within business processing and integrating workflow tasks across agile and traditional teams.

Secondly, what is uc4 job in SAP? UC4 Job Scheduling is a service that enables the enterprise to schedule and monitor computer batch jobs. The scheduler is able to initiate and manage jobs automatically by processing prepared job control scripts and statements.

Also Know, what is uc4 Agent?

The UC4 Agent for Web Services is designed to run as a controlling hand reaching out from the data center, running one service at one location and another somewhere else. UC4 Agent for Web Services understands SOAP and WSDL. It’s designed to work with an earlier UC4 product, the Automation Engine V8.

Who owns uc4?

A Small History of the Company In 1985 Franz Beranek founded the company as SBB software. In 2004, UC4 was made and the brand was quickly known as one of the market leaders in IT Job Scheduling. In 2006 the equity company The Carlyle Group acquired the company.

What does uc4 stand for?

Solution. UC4 Workload Automation Suite is IT process automation software that will integrate and accelerate enterprise workload across your existing IT landscape.

What is Automic workload automation?

Automic Workload Automation is designed to manipulate IT systems and its components. Be aware that deploying releases to target systems may lead to major disruptions of services, workflows or applications within the production system.

What CA Automic?

CA Automic Workload Automation gives you the agility, speed, visibility and scalability needed to respond to the constantly changing technology landscape.

What is AppWorx job scheduler?

A job scheduling tool through which users can schedule jobs to run at a specific time and/or order. Appworx is used with Banner to run reports, perform payroll and billing, and do other application-specific jobs.