What side do you wear your sorority pin?

badge placement question – GreekChat.com Forums. “The Phi Mu badge is worn on the left side of the chest over your heart. Traditionally other pins or guards are not worn above or at the same level as the badge.”

Pin attire at my chapter was as follows: Dos: Dress pants, Blazers, Blouses, Button downs, Dresses or skirts (must come to knee length and not be low cut) Nice dress shoes and nilons with dresses or skirts. Anything you would wear to a professional office.

how do I use ADPI pin? Your badge should always be worn with appropriate “pin attire”: nice dresses, skirts, and slacks; never wear your badge with jeans or other casual attire. The Alpha Delta Pi badge is never worn with formal attire, except at an exclusive sorority event such as Grand Convention or an Installation Banquet.

In this manner, where do you wear your fraternity pin?

The official badge (often referred to as the fraternity pin) is the official pin of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. II. The official badge is only worn over the heart of a brother. It is never worn on the lapel of a suit jacket, blazer or sports coat.

Should I wear my fraternity pin to an interview?

Fraternity/Sorority pins. Good for you. The potential employer doesn’t care. Unless you know for a fact that the person you are interviewing with was in the same organization as you, don’t flash a badge that no one else understands.

Where do you wear a pin on your shirt?

Dress Shirts As with almost all lapel pins, they should be placed on the left-hand side of your chest where the lapel would be if you had a jacket.

How do you wear a lapel pin without a jacket?

If you’re wearing neither a jacket or tie you can place the lapel pin on a dress shirt. This can be positioned on the left side of the shirt, near the heart, where the lapel would usually be.

How do you wear a pin on a button up shirt?

For a casual look, our lapel pins can be worn on a jumper, through the buttonhole of an overcoat or dressed down on a relaxed blazer. A shirt can be accessorised by angling the lapel pin on the pocket or above a button. Experiment with places, sides and layering to find the look that suits you.

How do you wear a lapel pin on a polo shirt?

When wearing a golf or polo style shirt, you can still wear a lapel pin. Just like a dress shirt, place the lapel pin on the left side above your heart.

What are ADPi colors?

Azure blue and white are the official colors of Alpha Delta Pi. Blue is symbolic of friendship, the basic spirit upon which Alpha Delta Pi is founded. White symbolizes sincerity and truth.

What does Alpha Delta Pi stand for?

Alpha Delta Pi (ΑΔΠ), commonly known as ADPi, is a National Panhellenic sorority founded on May 15, 1851, at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Alpha Delta Pi is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference, which is the governing council of its 26 member sororities.

What skills can you bring to a sorority?

But there is so much that anyone can bring to a sorority. Leadership. Being a strong leader is a critical quality for members of a sorority. Civic engagement. Giving back to others is a fundamental principle of sororities. Scholarship. Sorority members are expected to make academic success a priority. Social skills.