Who voices Travis Aphmau?

His voice actor is Patrick M. Seymour, who also voices Brendan and Gavin.

Travis (MyStreet)

Birthdate Unconfirmed
Age 28
Handedness Right

Also, who is kawaii Chan in real life? In “Kawaii~Chan’s Secret” she reveals that “Kawaii~Chan” is not her real name. In “My Real Name” it was revealed her real name was Nana. Jason confirmed the spelling on a twitter post. In episode 5 of MyStreet season 6: When Angels Fall, her full name was revealed as Nana Ashida.

Hereof, what is Zane’s real name from Aphmau?

Full Name Zane Ro’Meave
Nickname(s) ZuZu (by Zianna)
Race Shadow Knight Human (Formerly)

Are Zane and Garroth brothers in real life?

Garroth is Zane’s older brother, but Zane tries to turn Garroth into a loyal guard and member of the Jury of Nine.

How old is Jason bravura?

Facts About Jason Bravura Jason Bravura’s age 33 years old. Birthday December 17, 1985. Birth Sign Sagittarius. He has done voice work for his wife’s series MyStreet, Minecraft Diaries Season and Phoenix Drop High.

Who is Aphmau’s mom?

Sylvana (MyStreet) Sylvana Relative(s) Aphmau (Daughter) 8 Siblings Aaron (Future Son-in-law) Friend(s) Zianna (Close Friend) Garte Maria Señor Ketchup Enemy(s) Ein (Tricked her into thinking he and Aphmau were dating) Aaron (Formerly?) (Didn’t want him dating Aphmau) Media

What happened to Zane’s eye Aphmau?

Garroth tricked Zane and threw a snowball that directly hit his right eye. The snowball secretly had a rock in it, thus it caused Zane’s eye to redden and eventually go blind. He had his hair cover his right eye ever since.

Who plays Garroth in Aphmau?

Main Characters Voice Actor Character(s) TheDragonHat Currently Garroth Garroth (MyStreet) Jeffory Jeffory (MyStreet) Chad Chad (MyStreet) Esmund Formerly Levin (Replaced by Kellen Goff in MyStreet and MCD Season 3) Sebastian Todd Currently Laurance Laurance (MyStreet)

What is EIN from Aphmau’s last name?

Ein (MyStreet) Ein Full Name Ein N/A Nickname(s) Brother (by Lucinda and Zane) Fiancé (by Aphmau) Alpha (by Blaze, Dottie and Werewolf refugees) Characteristics Race Werewolf Human (Temporarily)

How old are Aphmau characters?

Aphmau (MyStreet) Aphmau Love~Love Paradise Regular Uniform Age 29 Traits Handedness Right

How old is Garroth from Aphmau?

Garroth (MyStreet) Garroth Birthdate Unconfirmed Age 30 Traits Handedness Ambidextrous

How old is Aphmau and Aaron?

Aaron (MyStreet) Aaron Birthdate December 17 Age 33 Traits Handedness Right

Is Aphmau’s husband Aaron?

Jason, also known by his online alias as Dom and Aaron, is Jessica’s husband to whom she has been married to for seven years. They met in 2004 over Final Fantasy XI.

How do you spell kawaii Chan?

Kawaii~Chan also has a habit of talking in the third person, and applying Japanese honorifics to the ends of other people’s names, such as Aphmau~Senpai, her nickname for Aphmau, or Katelyn~Sama, her nickname for Katelyn, which is what female Meif’wa tend to do.

Who plays Melissa in Aphmau?

Melissa (MyStreet) Melissa [[File: |250px]] First Appearance “Aaron’s Sister!?” Last Appearance “Reborn PT.3” Voice Actor Morgan Berry

Who is Gene from Aphmau?

Gene is the tertiary antagonist of Minecraft Diaries: Rise Of Phoenix Drop & a minor antagonist in Minecraft Diaries: The Realm Protector. “Don’t Drown!”